The Method

• Shed fat, rapidly yet sustainably
• Enormously improve their fitness and endurance levels
• Build lean (not disproportionate) muscle mass
• Become stronger, more mobile, agile, stable and flexible
• Move around more easily everyday
• Improve their posture and balance
• Sleep better
• Have more energy
• Are confident about the way they look
• Are less stressed and
ultimately, feel happier

Squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting, running and jumping are the basic, primal movements that our bodies are designed to perform. Cave men used these movements to full effect to build shelter and stalk their supper. Today we utilise them to get out of the car and load the shopping trolley. Simply put, the creature comforts of modern life prevent our bodies from fully-functioning, and we all know too well what the results can be. 

Performing these rudimentary, functional movements correctly, is the basis of my training. 

My job is not to help people change the way they look. My focus is on helping people to move the way their bodies were designed to. The happy by-product of concentrating on improving mechanics in this way is that bodies shape themselves exactly as they should naturally be – inevitably looking and working better than ever before. 

Every single exercise I prescribe has been designed to engage as many of the major muscle groups as possible to deliver maximum results for the entire body. Following such an intense full-body workout, calories continue to be burnt for hours, if not days, after a session. I employ strength & conditioning and speed & agility training techniques, using a range of equipment, including kettlebells and TRX suspension cables and – possibly the greatest piece of equipment available – bodyweight. My workouts are energizing – they are nothing like the tired, repetitive routines that will have bored you in the gym before.

My approach is suitable and scalable for anyone and everyone, and I tailor it to fit every client's specific goals and abilities. My clients are brides and grooms-to-be; pre- and post-natal mothers; those in later life concerned about health and mobility; runners working towards charity events; people with injuries or chronic health problems seeking relief; and simply lots of people who just want to feel better about themselves. Whatever your aims, I can build a progressive programme specifically for you that will consistently test, challenge and improve your body.  

If you feel lost and jaded by the avalanche of information available from the fitness industry and haven't got a clue where to start; or hate exercise but have accepted it has to be done, I can get you going and keep you on track. If you do already manage to exercise regularly, but have never reached the peak you deserve, or have tried and failed to stay committed before, I can push you much further. I don't bellow like a drill-sergeant and you won't dread every session. I'm positive and encouraging, but dogged enough to spur you to work for what you want.