Simon Beatson Personal Training - Contract for H.M May 2018

Welcome. I very much look forward to working with you.
The guidelines below are to ensure that the responsibilities between me (the Trainer) and you (the Client) are clearly understood.
Thank you for taking the time to read this agreement. 

Sessions, packs and fair use: 

1. Each Personal Training session will last approximately 1 hour, unless otherwise arranged. 
2. Sessions can be purchased in the packs advertised on the Prices web page. Payments must not be made until a regular session time has been agreed with the Trainer.
3. In the interests of optimum benefits to the Client and the fair use of the Trainers time, it is fundamental that this session time is respected and a consistent schedule is maintained.
4. The normal terms of use are that each session pack has a 'fair use time frame'. This means that all the sessions in the pack need to be used within the specified time frame, or they will expire.  
5. In this instance, the fair use time frame has been waived to accommodate scheduling of sessions on a looser, fortnightly basis – but an aim to use the 8 sessions (purchased in early May 2018), by September 2018 would be ideal. 
6. The Trainer and Client should liaise regularly to schedule sessions for forthcoming weeks. If the Client needs to cancel a previously arranged session, as much notice as possible should be given.
7. If the Trainer needs to cancel a session (whether in advance for a trip away/holiday, or at late notice for unexpected illness/emergencies), attempts will be made to reschedule, but if this cannot be accommodated by the Client then the session will not be deducted from the pack total.  
8. If the Client is late for a session, the session will still end at the scheduled time.  
9. In the unlikely event that the Trainer is late for a session, the lost time will be added to the end of the session if convenient for both parties. If the Trainer is more twenty minutes late for a session, the session will not be deducted from the pack total.
10. When the final session in a pack has been reached, the Client must purchase a new pack to ensure their regular session time is confirmed with the Trainer for future sessions.  

Payments and refunds: 

11. Payments can be made by BACS or via Cash and cheques will not be accepted. 
12. The Trainer reserves the right to reassess advertised prices twice annually.
13. If the Client is unable to continue Personal Training due to medical reasons, a refund may be available for any unused sessions. The Client will need to submit a letter from their doctor clearly stating exercise restrictions.
14. If the Client decides to stop Personal Training for any reason other than because of medical restrictions, no refunds will be given for unused sessions. Decisions to the contrary may be taken at the Trainer's discretion. 
15. In the unlikely event that the Trainer needs to cancel all future Personal Training sessions with the Client, a full refund would be provided for any unused sessions.

Health and safety: 

16. The Client must submit a PARQ form to provide health information before undertaking any training and purchasing a pack.
17. If the Client's medical situation changes, they must notify the Trainer immediately and request a new PARQ form to be supplied with up-to-date information.
18. Should the Client experience any pain, discomfort, or injury, during a training session, please inform the Trainer immediately, who will ensure appropriate action is taken.
19. Prior to, or during the course of training, health concerns may arise that require further input from a doctor, physiotherapist, or other allied health professional. The Trainer may require assistance in obtaining that information from the Client.
20. The Client must ensure they wear suitable exercise attire.
21. The Trainer will ensure they keep all equipment in good and safe condition.

Use of data: 

22. The Trainer will use health and contact data supplied by the Client solely for the purposes of providing safe and effective sessions and for keeping the Client up-to-date with any news about the training relationship and/or Simon Beatson Personal Training.    

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